Eskom and power load shedding

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Dear all,


Yesterday, I attended a meeting at Megawatt Park between the office of Eskom’s CEO, BUSA and various industry bodies. At the meeting a presentation was made by Eskom highlighting the invidious position that they were in regarding power supply during the coming months. (This presentation will be forwarded to me in due course, and I will circulate it as soon as I receive it)


The presentation covered the numerous reasons for Eskom being in this position, such as:

·         The need to do planned maintenance to prevent large un-planned breakdowns

·         The new environmental regulations which require modifications to pollution control equipment

(FGD, Bag-houses)

·         The inability to continue to run their gas turbines at high levels

·         Breakdowns and supply problems from Cabora Bassa

·         NERSA’s refusal to grant them the funds needed to install demand side management

equipment in domestic consumers

·         Coal supply and quality issues

·         Reduced efficiency levels at older power stations

·         Problems at Medupi


This winter is going to be different to previous years, in that Eskom are going to continue with scheduled maintenance through the winter. They are to go with a program of 80% availability, 10% planned maintenance, and 10% expected un-planned outages.


This will leave them short of meeting demand, particularly in the early evening (5 – 9pm) period so, consequently, we can expect load shedding to occur. Eskom will attempt to do this in an orderly manner and expect to give at least a day (if not more) notice of the areas to be affected and the times.


I will keep you informed of any further developments,




Ken Dewar

Executive Director PEMA

082 806 3310