SAIF Annual Golf Day 2015 – Hole Sponsors and Special Thanks

By December 7, 2015 April 14th, 2016 SAIF Annual Golf Day

Hole Sponsors:          

1st    Lauds Foundry Equipment (Manned)
2nd   Foseco (Manned)
3rd   Thos Begbie (Manned)
4th   VIP Metals (Manned)
5th    SI Group HA (HA Falchem SA) (Manned)
6th   B & K Castings (T Box)
7th   Chemsystems (Manned)
8th    LIL Sales (Manned)
9th   IMP Scientific (Manned)
10th Endeco Omega (T Box)
11th Insimbi & Alloys (Manned)
12th University of Johannesburg (MCTS) (Manned)
13th Nicast (Manned)
14th Cerefco (T Box)
15th Procor Steel (Manned)
16th Ceramic & Alloys (T Box)
17th Metal Connection (Manned)
18th Pentagon Resources (Manned)

Special Thanks:

Reading Country Club
Marshalls – John Davies (SAIF) & John Taylor (Spectro Analytical)
SAIF Golf Committee
SAIF Management Committee
SAIF Board of Directors
John Davies – SAIF CEO
Marina Biljon – SAIF Executive Administrator
Dalmari Mcqueen – Casting Concepts
Bruce Crawford – Castings SA
Rui Dias – Endeco-Omega Foundry Machinery
Laricia Smit – Corporate Communication
Sian McFarlane – Skye Photography